Hypoid Gear
Tooth Mesh Tester


Measure errors
and nicks
at high-speed.

T-45N/MN measures tooth mesh transmission errors, pitch errors and nicks at high-speed. Mounting distance is digitized and sent to post-process (assembly line, for example) so that choosing shims which adjust the backlash of gear is simplified and that makes cycle time short.


  • The total number guarantee
    for thr hypoid gear kit.

    We can measure the entire transmission error within the line and achieve traceability.

  • 35% reduction of the
    machine frontage.

    This achieves a reduction in the transportation distance
    between the preceding and subsequent processes.
    ※compared to overseas manufactures.



  • Max outer diameter 450mm

Max rotation speed

  • Pinion spindle 6,650min-1

Working range

  • Offset -150〜50mm
  • PMD 200mm
  • GMD 100mm

Control device

  • NC device FANUC
  • Number of the NC axis 5axis

Machine specification

  • Electric power 21kVA
  • Height 2,100mm
  • Floor space(W×L) 2,100×2,300mm
  • Weight 4,500kg