Policy &
CSR Policy

Environment Policy

We try to protect the environment by realizing the importance of global environment conservation, working on energy saving, resources saving, waste reduction, and recycle promotion, and aiming at activities for small environment load.

Basic Policy

  • To follow environment-related laws and regulations,
    agreements and the other requested matters by revising business process.
  • To make the best effort to prevent pollution cooperating with local community and government,
    and the affiliated companies.
  • To work on zero emission by making an effort to reduce waste,
    save resources and energy through activities.
  • To improve the environmental management system by setting purposes and target,
    and reviewing always.
  • This policy is written up and is informed employees and all people who work for us.
  • This policy is available to common people.

Converage of EMS

  • This system is applied to all activities which organization can manage or influence
    about our business activities and service.
  • This system is applied to Head Office and Seto Plant, Nisshin Plant, Mitake Plant below which make up us.

    (1)Seto Plant/
    3-45 Akatsuki Town, Seto City, Aichi Pref. Japan
    (2)Nisshin Plant/
    12-40 Araike, Iwasaki Town, Nisshin City, Aichi Pref. Japan
    (3)Mitake Plant/
    2188-48 Minamiyama, Mitake, Mitake Town, Kani County, Gifu Pref. Japan

CSR Policy

  • Responsibility to our
    customers and
    business partners

    Based on our "Customer First" philosophy, we achieve customers' trust and satisfaction by providing safe,
    high-quality, and Eco-friendly products at the best price.

    We will make an effort to protect the personal information of customers and everyone else
    we are engaged in business.

  • Responsibility to
    our employees

    We respect each employee, act the contribution to society and will be attractive members of society.

    We provide fair working conditions and maintain a safe and healthy working
    environment for all employees. We act No forced and Child Labor.

  • Responsibility to society

    We make the best effort to gain trust and support corporating with local
    community and follow the customs and laws.

    We work on environmental preservation through all of activities.

    We maintain fair relationships with government agencies and business partners without bribery.

    We contribute the local society wherever we do business.

  • Responsibility to
    business partners

    We follow proper business practies and engage in fare,
    transparent and free competition based on a respect for the law.

  • Responsibility to
    our stockholders

    We disclose corporate information and work to improve our coporate value.