Hypoid Gear
Grinding Machine


compact design.

GTH-30N achieved the compact design. It processes both drive pinion and ring gear and realize high-speed grinding of tooth surface. Compared to lapping, the numbers of variations in tooth contact is 1/3 and roughness of tooth surface is 1/2. Drive pinions and ring gears can be combined freely and managing in sets is not required.


  • Disuse of lapping liquid.

  • Reduce the noise of the hypoid gear. -7dB

    The noise from the lapping process was reduced through the tooth grinding method of the hypoid gear (bevel gear).

  • 40% reduction
    of the floor space.

    We minimized the floor area by adopting a vertical layout. Shortening the conveying distance between processes was achieved by setting the machine width (frontage) to 1,300 mm.※compared to overseas manufactures.

  • Reduce the variability
    in tooth profile shape
    by one-third.

    We reduced the variability in tooth profile shape to one-third of the conventional lapping method.

  • Receive LEXUS LS Project
    technology division.




  • Max module 8
  • Max outer diameter(RG) 300mm

Rotation speed

  • Grindstone spindle 4,000min-1
  • Eccentric spindle 3,400min-1
  • Workpiece spindle 150min-1
  • Dress spindle 15,000min-1
  • Ratio of rotation speed
    of the grindstone spindle
    to the eccentric spindle
  • Amount of eccentricity 0.15mm

Working range

  • Horizontal 280mm
  • Back and forth 460mm
  • Vertical 340mm


  • Outer diameter of the grindstone 215mm
  • Inner diameter of the grindstone 80mm
  • Width of the grindstone 90mm
  • Type of dresser Rotary

Control device

  • NC device FANUC
  • Number of the NC axis 8axis

Machine specification

  • Electric power 66kVA
  • Height 2,700mm
  • Floor space(W×L) 3,500×4,750mm
  • Weight 8,900kg