Hypoid Gear
Lapping Machine


Tooth surface can be
controlled freely
by adjusting EP value.

L-45N is an EP method hypoid gear lapping machine by full-NC. Tooth surface can be controlled freely by adjusting EP value. Changeover of gear ratio finishes by one-button operation. High-speed-rotate lapping liquid remove function is added to reduce the use of it and to be environment-friendly. The vertical layout is adopted so that the operator put and remove workpiece more easily.


  • Control the wrap shape.

    The amount and area to be machined can be set arbitrarily for each tooth surface on one side.

  • 50% reduction of carrying
    lapping liquid out
    of the machine.

    After machining, the lapping liquid attached to the workpiece is blown away by the rotating motion,
    reducing the amount of lapping liquid that is taken out of the machine.

  • Freely control
    the tooth surface.

    Stable machining can be achieved by optimally controlling the position and torque of the engagement.

  • Controls the lap fluid.

    Stabilized product accuracy and extended the life of the lapping liquid.



  • Max outer diameter 300mm

Max rotation speed

  • Pinion spindle 3,000min-1
  • Gear spindle 3,000min-1

Working range

  • Offset ±50mm
  • PMD 50mm
  • GMD 85mm

Control device

  • NC device FANUC
  • Number of the NC axis 5axis

Machine specification

  • Electric power 25kVA
  • Height 2,100mm
  • Floor space(W×L) 1,600×2,100mm
  • Weight 4,500kg