Cylindrical Gear
Grinding Machine


To more closer,
To responds to
on-site feedback.

GT-252N go beyond the common knowledge by achieving compact design. Meeting on customer needs, it is designed to take maintenance speed into account and mounting method is unit replaceable. The water-soluble coolant that is environment-friendly can be applied to this machine. Minimization of the front reduces walking distance. The precision of the gear can be adjusted in the submicron unit.


  • High-speed,
    high precision processing.

    Achievement of high-precision processing with tooth surface waviness of 1μm or less.

  • Reduced machine
    width by 55%. ※compared to our previous products.

    Achieved reduction in conveying distance between preceding and subsequent processes.

  • Pursuit of user-friendliness.

    It has become easier with the auto-setup function and direct input of correction values.

  • Improved maintainability
    with a 50% reduction in MTTR.

    Reducing not only the failure rate but also enhancing replaceability
    of faulty components to minimize downtime in the production line.

  • Compatible with both
    oil-based and water
    based coolants.

    This is a filtration system designed to accommodate both oil-based and water-based coolants.

  • 90% reduction of air
    consumption.※compared to our previous products.

    We electrify all actuators, contributing to SDGs.



  • Max module 3
  • Max outer diameter 250mm

Max rotation speed

  • Workpiece spindle 1,000min-1
  • Grindstone spindle 6,000min-1
  • Dress spindle 6,000min-1

Working range

  • Shift amount 440mm
  • Traverse amount 160mm
  • Feed range 205mm
  • Turning angle ±40deg


  • Outer diameter of
    the grindstone
  • Inner diameter of the grindstone 160mm
  • Width of the grindstone 125mm
  • Max lines of the grindstone 11lines
  • Type of dresser Rotary
    (an integrated model)
  • Outer diameter of the dresser 123mm

Control device

  • NC device FANUC
  • Number of the NC axis 11axis

Machine specification

  • Electric power 60kVA
  • Height 2,250mm
  • Floor space(W×L) 1,800×5,000mm
  • Weight 8,000kg