Finishing Gear
Rolling Machine


Finishing the tooth
surface with
high precision.

GRF-6 is developed as a machine to finish the tooth surface of planetary gear smoothly and precisely in a short cycle time. It is designed to make the structure simple and solid. High-speed rolling can contribute to cost reduction. Production capacity is four times by that of shaving machine. Rotary dies have a long life and can be used 500,000 to 1,000,000 times. The small module gear can be also finished by this machine.


  • Finish processing gears
    at high speed.

    Processing in as little as 10 seconds or less is also possible.

  • Minimum waste.

    To plastically process the surface of gears, minimizing chip generation.

  • The tools have an extended
    lifespan, resulting in reduced
    tool costs.

    Due to the long lifespan of the rolling dies, tool replacement is unnecessary for an extended period.



  • Max module 2
  • Outer diameter 22〜60mm
  • Max tooth width 35mm

Max rotation speed

  • Rotary dies spindle(60Hz) 50〜130min-1

Working range

  • Distance between
    two rotary dies
  • Adjustable distance
    of work spindle
  • Travel amount of the
    rotary dies cut
  • Forming force 5,000kgf
  • Amount of correction
    for tooth trace
  • Amount of correction
    for lead and taper


  • Max diameter of rotary dies 250mm

Control device

  • NC device FANUC
  • Number of the NC axis 1axis

Machine specification

  • Electric power 14kVA
  • Height 2,100mm
  • Floor space(W×L) 1,800×1,500mm
  • Weight 2,700kg